Without End 2019

The Theme

This year’s theme is an opportunity to reflect on how you have come to know your research through the varying ways it has been shared and presented.

Emerging out of the Without End 2018 symposium theme of ‘the documents in which research ideas are inspired and found’, the Without End 2019 symposium, now moves on to how we are tasked with collecting these ideas in to the propositions we can share. It is about how we, as postgraduate and early career researchers, can begin to breach discourse in numerous ways and the effects this can bring.

The theme of ‘Breaching Discourse’ focuses on how important dialogue is to the research process.  One of the most difficult tasks whilst in the midst of research can be trying to bind expansive ideas in to an articulated form. However, it is only by attempting to consolidate ideas in to articulations that we are able to let our thinking processes leave the limits and constraints of our own preoccupations. Moreover, it is once we create our propositions and articulate them, once they are shared and enter discourse, that the opportunities become profound.

Beyond us, these propositions come alive and before us, we watch as they gather and build through dialogue with the thoughts of others. The importance and excitement of this exchange comes from how being in discourse affects our propositions and returns them to us: renewed, reframed, refreshed, reconsidered and ready to move forward. Research is most vibrant in dialogue and breaching the discourses available to us is the way in which we are able to find the tone and tenor of our own voice.

The Book

In respect of this and the given idea of discourse, we will be creating a unique book to support the symposium. The book will include all the papers from the accepted delegates and will be given out on the day.  So, should you wish to ‘Breach Discourse’ with us, in person and in print, please see the call for papers.