Without End 2019

Call for Papers

With discourse being dialogue, the ways in which it may be breached is open to interpretation.  We invite and encourage you to give papers or present work that explores these various possibilities. You may wish to present your research through the following ideas of discourse:

Formal Dialogue

  • The history of your research embedded in the papers you have presented.
  • The talk or lecture you attended that remains with you and your research.
  • The effect of to-and-fro academic discussion, from supervision meetings to the conversations with the likeminded researchers you encounter.
  • An engagement with a subject outside of your remit which provided surprising insights. 
  • The development of, or the responses to and from publications you have read or written.

Informal Dialogue

  • An impromptu conversation or off-the-cuff comment that became new direction or possibility.
  • The email chain that was to prove instrumental in the course of your research.
  • The stories heard and told that would become the narrative within your thinking.
  • The commitment and impact of social media, from the blog to the tweet, in developing and sharing ideas.

Different Dialogues

  • The dialogues created through the object, artwork, event or experience.
  • Any of the unique or differing ways you have found, collected and shared your ideas.


Please send an abstract of up to 300 words for 20-minute oral presentations along with a short biography to:   withoutendsymposium@gmail.com

The deadline for submissions is 25 January 2019.


Please note all speakers will be asked to submit an essay and/or images, reflective of their paper, up to 2,500 words to be included in the symposium book before 1 March 2019.